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Samanmali, R. Gunathilaka, M.

Hapugoda, A. R Wickremasinghe, W. Madurapperuma, K. Kuruppuarachchi, J. Amarasinghe, T. Abkar, Valentyn A. Our purpose is to provide a journal that offers a multi-disciplinary analysis of issues concerning the environment in Sri Lanka. Needless to say, any papers that you wish to submit, either individually or collaboratively, are much appreciated and will make a substantial contribution to the early development and success of the Journal of Environment Management and Planning. The reviewers here express special appreciation of the commitment of all their reviews towards increasing the quality and presentation of research findings in the journal.

Most important, as we see it is that peer reviewing is an unsung service performed to benefit not only its immediate object, but also the larger community to which we all belong.

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Reviewing brings some rewards to the referees as well. Many observe that papers convey both interest and instructions.


Othayoth House, Mangattidom P. P school Mullera,Karadka village, p. Suresh kumar B. Govindhapi V. Look after the country before looking after your selves. Kanakarathna, Y.

Sometimes, indeed they afford the rare pleasure of new or fresh understanding of a particular topic. With all of these commitments the journal supposed to provide important information in various aspects of environment. Accordingly, sincere gratitude to the Prof. Lal Mervyn Dharamasiri, Chairman Mr. Also, special thanks to paper reviewers for spending their valuable time by reweaving research papers and the editorial board. Specially, convey thanks to Mr. Hemakumara Director and staff of the Research and Development Unit for giving enormous support to publish this journal with the limited time frame.

Ranwala1, S. Perera2, M.

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Nijamudeen3, W. Hence, a better understanding of growth responses of crops to changes in climate is imperative. This research was aimed to reveal responses of Sri Lankan grown Sesame varieties: Uma, Malee, Idal, Pokuru, Kalu thala and its wild relatives to reduce water availability during their growth and reproductive stages.

A field experiment was conducted at the Field Crops Research and Development Institute, Mahailluppallama to simulate the effect of drought on growth of Sesame plants, using four different irrigation intervals 4, 7, 10 and 13 day. The experiment was arranged as a split plot design with three replicates per treatment. Plant height was measured at the first, second months and at maturity. Dry biomass of shoots and roots were measured and root to shoot dry weight ratio was calculated. Yield parameters: number of capsules per plant, capsule dry weight, seed dry weight and seed weight were also recorded.

Yield per area and Harvest Index HI were calculated.

jagath kumara astrologer contact number

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It can reveal a challenge the soul has to go through in not following the dictates of the outer worlds expectations but the promptings of the conscience.


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Grace Inglis book on retrograde planets Ch 6 is also a very useful resource on the subject. Are there any exceptions to the rule, or factors that will modify the effect on a planet within its orb of combustion in a chart? What happens to the strength of an exaltation planet when it is debilitated in Navamsa and vica versa debilitated planet exalted in Navamsa? What happens when a planet is debilitated but vargotomma? What other combinations, apart from lordship, constitute a vipreet raja yoga?

Note Uttara Kalamrita states that, "a planet in conjunction with an exalted planet gets half rupa but in conjunction with a debilitated planet he gets zero rupa. A planet in conjunction with a malefic who is a friend or with a benefic who is an enemy gets half rupa". In terms of " doshas" in general, such as kendra pati dosha for Jupiter or Kuja dosha, how do they apply and how are they modified in a chart eg.

For overall yogas of charts, what factors outweigh each other eg. For example, for the following point 5. Are Rasi aspects used in a Rasi chart interpretation? Are Planetary aspects used in divisionals? Do Rasi aspects vary depending on a relationship of houses ie. Is argala to be treated like an aspect? What is the difference between a bhadaka planet and papa argala in causing obstructions and what are their remedials? How do secondary argalars work? Are there exceptions to the rule?

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What happens when a planet causing argala is stronger or having a more advanced longitude in the sign than the one obstructing it Virodhargala and vica versa? NOTE: that both Argala and ashtakvarga appear like complex aspects revealing the planets relative position to each other. Along with bhavat bhavam sign lord position from the planet can reveal a lot about a planet. What are the difference house systems that are used in Vedic astrology ie.

Sri Pati equal house division and Western astrology? How do planets in a different bhava to its position in a sign manifest in the chart? What is the outcome of a Raja yoga when a planet is in a different bhava despite forming the yoga in a sign? In terms of house lordship of two houses ie. How do we interpret and prioritise arudha Maya positions from the houses and planets vs the inanimate houses themselves? How does one interpret the subtle factors of arudha eg. What are the other lagnas and how do we use them? Should they be interpreted completely separately from each other using their different karakas and aspects, or can they be integrated in chart interpretation?

What factors take prevalence in divisional chart reading? Relevant rasi lords and karakas into divisional VS the divisional itself VS divisional lords into rasi charts? Do we read a divisional in the same way we read the rasi, with application of lordship, argala, bhadaka etc..? D24 4x6 and 4th, 9th 6 away from 4th , 2nd and 7th houses?

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How does one differentiate and prioritise between rasi lordhsip, parasara vs jaimini karakas, houses and Arudha in divisionals? If three are more than 4 planets in a sign how is it used? When and for what particular factors are other dasa systems used? How are Nakshatras to be applied to chart lordhsip and how do they apply to stellar dasa systems like Vimsottari?

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How important are Nakshatras to transits analysis? Vedha, Latta, Nakshatra Anga Phal etc. How do arudha house positions apply in predictions? Lahiri, Raman, Surya Siddhanta etc. How much do planetary positions change at deeper divisional varga charts by the degree differences between the various ayanamsas? What is the difference between Sidereal astrology above and Western Tropical astrology? Note the various calculations between schools ie. I suggest students to identify the above factors by number and state for themselves the rationale behind your answers ie.